We're the Explainer Video Experts

The UK's Most Trusted Explainer Video Studio


Bringing your business to life

Why do we always settle for boring? Sales pitches are boring. Product launches are boring. Let IAM Productions’ team of animators create something on-brand and engaging instead. So, you can get your pitch or product to the world before they switch off.


Getting your business out there

Creating decent video content is hard. Scripting, lighting, editing, adding effects. Some things are worth leaving to the professionals. Luckily we’ve got all the gear and all the ideas to get your businesses seen.


The North West’s finest studio

Everyone wants a podcast, but nobody knows how. You know a mic in your kitchen won’t cut it, but what will? IAM Productions HQ has a purpose-built podcast studio available to rent in Warrington, with all the audio kit and cameras you could ever need.

Why choose IAM Productions?

In-House Team

We don’t outsource a thing. Everything is produced at our studio in Cheshire, UK.

Fixed Price

There are no hidden costs. Everything you need is included in the price.

Bunch of nerds

Some of our guys even spend their weekends perfecting their craft. Weird.

Dead sound

We’re not annoying, we reply to your emails and make pretty decent stuff.