Animated explainer videos for your business

Sometimes explaining what you do or who you are is difficult. Let alone making that information engaging, educational, and memorable. An animated explainer video does that for you. It takes complex subjects and relays them in an entertaining but informative way.

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This animation sits on your website, your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Basically, anywhere your customers might try and find you.

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We like to keep pricing simple. All of our animated explainer videos are produced in-house by our team of talented nerds and includes scriptwriting, concept art, storyboarding, professional voice over, music, and sound effects.

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Animated Explainer FAQ’s

For an animated explainer video, we think the sweet spot is between 1 to 2 minutes. It largely depends on the complexity of your topic/story. We’ll help you get this right, but less is usually more – and we get more money if they’re longer, so that’s saying something.

On average it takes four weeks to complete. We’re purposefully a small, in-house team. No part of your project will be outsourced. Good things come to those who wait.

There are lots of people and time involved in a GOOD animation. Script writers, concept artists, voice over artists, animators, proofreaders, sound editors, project managers.

You can get them done on the cheap on sites like Fiverr. Our only words of caution… you often get what you pay for.

We ask you to tell us the answer to 14 questions (all sent over in a neat digital form). It typically takes 20 mins. From that, we can use our experience to start your project and share our ideas.

If you’ve got existing logos and brand colours, we’ll use these in the animation so it’s all on brand.

Think of an explainer as more of a story with characters and narrative. They’re longer in length and usually explaining a solution or product. Whereas the elevator pitch is just that, a 60(ish) second non-salesy pitch which tells your target audience exactly what you do and what problem you solve.

Because we’re great.

More? Ok, we’ve been doing this for more years than we’d like to admit. We’ve covered every sector imaginable. We’re a mix of creatives and business people, so we’re get it. We’ll be firm with you if you go off track and we’ll treat your content like it’s our own, so you’re guaranteed to get something you love.