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It’s easy to end up producing sloppy, poorly thought-out video and upload it for the world to see. Videos that only get likes and views from your own team (and maybe your mum). But with so much rubbish video out there, looking good is a piece of cake.
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Our most popular products

Want to stop wasting time and money on video that doesn’t work? With every man and his dog now creating video content, you need yours to look the part, or people will switch off before they switch on.

Brand Video

Want 24/7 lead gen without lifting a finger?

Let’s face it, we’d all rather watch a short video than read a big section of sales text, and we know what works, so our proven formula will help you look and sound your best. Our brand videos are designed for small businesses. Low budget and no faff.

Educational Video

Evergreen, audience building content that works

Educational talking heads are evergreen and get results. If people sniff a sales pitch in your videos, they switch off. So answer the questions people want to know and you’ll gain their trust. When they’re ready to buy, guess who they’re going to use.

Video Podcast

Months of content from one recording

A video podcast is a great way to record loads of content, without feeling staged or awkward. A long-form video can be repurposed into a stack of short videos, perfect for sharing on socials and YouTube. So you get loads of bang for your buck.

Video Editing

Budget-friendly video without the faff

Chances are, you have a fancy £1000 camera in your pocket already. You know, the one that makes phone calls and orders you food? So, use it. Just use it properly. We take videos you’ve recorded on your phone or camera and make them look really good.

Making a video with IAM

1. Your Idea

Use our well-crafted form to tell us what you’d like to achieve and we’ll take it from there.

2. Research

We create your perfect video strategy based on your goals and budget.

3. Production

We film and edit at our UK studio (or on location). Script writers, presenters, directors, editors. We’ve got the lot.

4. Export

We’ll export your files in all formats perfect for sharing, and give you bespoke support on how to get the best ROI on your content.

How much does it cost? 💸

We like to keep pricing simple. All of our video production is done in house by our talented production team.

Our videos start from:


*prices exclude VAT

Video FAQ’s

Depends really. We don’t typically produce anything longer than 3 mins. This is business content, not a Netflix documentary. So as a rule, the shorter the better. But it largely depends on the story you’re trying to tell. We’ll guide you and make sure your video is the perfect length for your desired goal.


We make sure we export all of our videos in wide and square exports. This means you can upload to YouTube, websites, socials, email campaigns, sales presentations. If it lets you upload video, stick your content on there.

Damn right we can. We’ll ask you to share any branding before we edit your video, and our clever nerds will make it look right.

Brand and video edits we get back to you in 7 days (but usually sooner). Educational and Podcast videos can take a bit longer due to the complexity of the edit.

We’re purposefully a small in-house team, so we don’t outsource anything to speed up the process. You know what they say, good things come to those who wait. So be bloody patient.

We run on caffeine and creativity. We’ll keep going as long as you can (but probably six is our max).

Warrington. Sandwiched between Liverpool and Manchester. It’s one of the best places on earth to create video. It’s also the hometown of Kerry Katona.

In the unlikely event that our video isn’t perfect for you, we’ll happily change anything you don’t like. No fuss. We want you to love your video. If we get to revision 672 we might have to have a word.

Just your ideas. Fill in our short form designed to tease out what you want and leave us to do the rest.