We're A Small In-House Team.

We’re content creators and we’ll only create you content that we’d use ourselves.


‍We use animation and video all the time to promote our own business. So, we know what works. And more importantly, what doesn’t.


A wise man once said, “Don’t get your video content made by a company with no videos on their website or socials”.


Because if they don’t walk the walk…

Meet the team 👇

To create decent content, we need decent people.


Meet our mix of nerdy creatives, automation geeks, script writers and project managers. If you click on their lovely faces, you’ll be transported to their LinkedIn page. That’s where we show off our client work.

Ian Darlington - Caricature

Ian Darlington

Co Founder
Mike McGann - Caricature

Mike McGann

Co Founder
Chris Roane - Caricature

Chris Roane

Head of Operations
Dan Blinston - Caricature

Dan Blinston

Video Editor
Ben Miller - Caricature

Ben Milner

Christian Monaghan - Caricature

Christian Monaghan

James Capdevilla-Slater - Caricature

James Capdevilla-Slater